Commodification (Beat Perfumes)

A little detour today into the (to us) bizarre world of “hip commerce

“A warm San Francisco breeze. A mad longing for freedom, a bohemian perfume composed of lavandin, thyme, geranium and cinnamon, tonka bean, musk, patchouli, amber”  – Howl perfume? – You’ve gotta be kidding! –  Maison Jardins D’Écrivains are perfectly serious. The nose behind this particular fragrance is its owner, Anais Biguine.  She also put together a William Burroughs one – Junky – We kid you not!

“Top notes are cannabis, palisander rosewood and galbanum, middle notes are violet, iris and gardenia, base notes are cashmeran, cedar, vetiver, incense,jupiter, moss and myrtle.”

Astrid Perfumes suggests a different Howl blend:

“Woods strewn with fallen leaves, fern, atlas cedar, amber, palo santo, vanillaed sandalwood, wild thyme, clove, muhuhu, patchouli, and bourbon vanilla”.

Or perhaps you would prefer Possets Perfumes interpretation?

“Black, red and amber musks wrestle furiously with sandalwood and opium tar resin. There is nothing light or gentle about this scent. A burning incense backs it up, black patchouli stands in the forefront. Dark, musky, resinous. Tremendously savage, dark and sweet like molasses rather than sugar…”  ack! – Enough’s enough!

oh, but maybe you’d like it as a candle? – Phlur‘s (part of it’s “Hepcat” branch (sic)) feature “notes of saffron, black vetiver, tobacco and oud”.

The process of commodification,  like they say – Sheesh!

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