Allen Ginsberg’s Birthday

Allen Ginsberg, 1972 – photo by Elsa Dorfman

June 3 2020 – Allen Ginsberg’s birthday! – 94th anniversary of the bard’s birth

See Howl Happening Gallerys last year’s birthday celebration – here  (along with 2017 and 2018’s celebrations)

And check out The Allen Ginsberg Birthday Film Festival for 2020 – 7pm EST.  June 3-June 6 – streaming live – here 

Happy Birthday Allen!  Your spirit is much-missed and much loved. You remain profoundly inspirational in these challenging difficult times.

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  1. If Allen was alive he would be Speaking out against the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, prophesying peace chanting Black Lives Matter on the frontlines. “When the mode of the music changes, the walls of the city shake,” echo his teachings, remembered thru a fog at this time of writing: the city is shaking is shaking cities our cities are shaking—the music in our moment is in the streets the streets are the music and it’s worth giving some space, on this website, to what’s going on, so what’s going on, Allen Ginsberg Project? What’s the word?

    Wishes of bloom warmth well felt birthdays to Ginsberg’s living “I am the Scottsboro Boys” phantom grey beard & may all sentient beings everywhere find happiness and peace of heart.

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