Bob Dylan’s Birthday (May 24th)

Bob Dylan – courtesy Bob

cover art  –  A Self Portrait by Bob Dylan – for “Self Portrait”, (his (10th) studio album), (released June 8, 1970, almost 50 years ago!)

cover art (by Ian Berry) for Bob Dylan’s “Rough And Rowdy Ways”, his upcoming (39th) studio album, to be released later next month (June 19, 2020)

Bob Dylan, April 1991,  Malibu – Photo: Allen Ginsberg,  courtesy University of Toronto Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Bob Dylan’s birthday today. Happy 79th birthday, Bob!

Here’s links to a whole host of previous Dylan postings on The Allen Ginsberg Project (including previous birthday postings).

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& Bob Dylan on Allen

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Some great stories – Raymond Foye on the day Bob Dylan came to visit Allen and missed out on meeting Harry Smith
Michael McClure on Bob Dylan’s genius – here 

Allen on Bob Dylan and “constantly shifting accents”here
Allen on Bob Dylan “stopping time”
Allen on Bob Dylan and the Ballads

Rolling Thunder  – Allen and Dylan – The Alchemist Scene (from Sam Shepherd’s The Rolling Thunder Logbook) – (and from Peter Barry Chowka’s 1976 interview in New Age Journal – Allen on Dylan and Rolling Thunder – here) – (and his comments, that same year, to Alan Ziegler – here)

Allen and Dylan on Renaldo and Clarahere 

Allen and Dylan in the Martin Scorsese Rolling Thunder movie here

Vintage 1965  Dylan films Allen

Allen and Bob   (a photo portfolio)

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Previous birthday postings, also – here, here, here  and here 

And there’ll be plenty more Dylan (Bob Dylan-Allen Ginsberg) postings, rest assured, in the months and years ahead on The Allen Ginsberg Project

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