Ginsberg Juvenalia

Allen Ginsberg, aged 20,  (reproduced July 16, 1946 in The (Paterson N.J,) Morning Call)

Hats off to David S Wills (author of World Citizen – Allen Ginsberg as Traveller and editor of the inestimable Beatdom) for this wonderful article on Allen Ginsberg’s juvenilia – “Allen Ginsberg’s First Poem?” a plethora of old newspaper-clippings, endearing appearances, skillfully presented (you can click on each image to see a larger version), culled from the local (1930’s and 1940’s New Jersey) press. Thank you, David.

See the original Beatdom posting – here

The proposed “first poem” (first published poem?) – “The Dream World” (published in The (Paterson N.J,) Morning Call, July 1st, 1937) –  shades of “The Shadow?  – Allen would be all of ten years old!

“Crime Does Not Pay”, (a charming little ditty), from the same paper, January 27, 1938, the following year:

and a more jaded (more sophisticated)  work from a few weeks later:

And not forgetting (also from this period) The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice, the published book of Allen’s early journals and poems.


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