Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 462

May Day – Eric Drooker

May Day,  International Workers’ Day  (“America I feel sentimental about the Wobblies”, Allen writes in “America” – for more on his deep-seated labor roots see here)

May 1st has that particular resonance for Allen, but it also has a May 1965 resonance – Czechoslovakia – Prague Spring – King of May  (Kral Majales), a pivotal moment

see previous Ginsberg May 1st postings – here here here and here

Allen as outspoken provocateur. We are grateful for Beat Museum‘s owner, Jerry Cimino‘s memory of Allen at the 1994 NYU Beat Generation Conference – see here  

Allen Ginsberg photographing Jerry Cimino – photo: Jerry Cimino

The Beat Museum (like City Lights), like all literary centers, is struggling. For a note on their gofundme initiative – see here

Ginsberg-during-the-pandemic, record-producer (of First Blues and of the Blake record), Pat Thomas is keeping the flag flying – see here 

Remember the University Archives  auction of Jack Kerouac items that we reported on a few months back?  A new installment is due to hit the block on Wednesday.  Part 3 (somehow we missed Part 2)  includes “almost fifty lots of Kerouac’s apparel, books and beloved possessions”, (including his much-loved crucifix, his personal tobacco pouch, his Panama hat, his velvet slippers, the wedding band he presented to his third wife, Stella, and (perhaps a tad incongruous) the mailbox from his sometime Orlando, Florida residence). There’s a brief note from Allen but it’s a minor one, a note to the Estate, posthumously, supporting the publication of one of Kerouac’s posthumous books

The high profile item is a letter, four pages, handwritten and signed and dated (Oct. 26, 1954), to fellow poet (and fellow Catholic),  Robert Lax . The letter, as the auction house declares, “explores Christianity, Buddhism, spirituality, philosophy and linguistics.”

It concludes: “… That’s why, solitude, non-involvement, sincere dedication to holy realization is my lone way. I’m no saint, I’m sensual, I can’t resist wine, am liable to sneers + secret wraths + attachments to imaginary lures before my eyes – but I intend to ascend by stages + self-control to Vow to help all sentient beings find enlightenment and holy escape from the sin and stain of life-body itself – I’m afraid of going to France – impatience is my chief weakness – but thank God I’m a lazy bum, because of that repose will come + in repose the secret, and in the secret: – Ceaseless Ecstasy. – (‘Nirvana, as when the rain puts out a little fire’)

For a viewing of all fifty items – see here and here (and, for one final item – here)

Here’s Kerouac’s corduroy & plaid flannel slippers!

Here’s his framed picture (sacred object) of his deceased older brother, Gerard

At the same auction (and the big-ticket item)  the handwritten lyrics by Bob Dylan to his classic “Like A Rolling Stone”  (a single 8 ½ by 11-inch sheet along with his signature – estimate – $75,000-$85,000).

Did Bob Dylan somehow predict the virus?

&  (from Japan) presenting The Heart Sutra Face Mask, apotropaic intervention in these Coronavirus times 

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