Shakespeare’s birthday today. Happy Birthday William Shakespeare.

Here’s Allen on Shakespeare.

On Shakespeare’s The Tempest here –  here, here, here, here  and here

On Shakespeare’s Sonnets, most notably here and here

but also (for example)  here, here, here and here

There’s also the Songs – like “Winter” (from “Love’s Labor’s Lost) – “When Icicles hang by the wall,/ And Dicke the Shepheard blows his nail”.  (“that combines song with absolute precise detail, which is, I think, a model for any kind of poetry, whether free verse or formed, formalistic..”)

More Ginsberg on Shakespeare- here

and here‘s Allen on a wonderful piece of Shakespearean parody in  (Jack) Kerouac

and Shakespearean buffoonery in Gregory Corso

Shakespeare, as legend has it, was both born and also died on this day.

Happy birth and death day, Shakespeare!

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