Ginsberg-Corso continuing – 12 (Photography – 5)

Jack Kerouac, Tangier,  1961 –  Photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg in conversation (and regarding Allen’s photographs) continues from here

GC: Allen – oh who’s this guy? – oh  this is Jack with a cat!

AG: Yeah.

GC:  Where did you take this?

AG: I don’t think you’ve ever seen it. That’s in Burroughs’ garden.

GC: Oh my god, I’ve never seen this

AG: And Bill’s cat..

GC: But that’s Bill’s cat?  He had a cat then?

AG:  And that’s an interesting thing, because a lot of these photos have never been seen before 1985 or ’86…

GC: I never seen them.

AG: …because I had a lot of rolls that I developed,  and I had a few drugstore prints on them but I needed to develop all of the pictures…

GC: Well I want to see them all Allen.

AG:   …and now that I have real developers, you know, print-making..

GC: Yeah, please show them, man.

AG: There are things that formally were obscure that can be burnt in…

GC: That’s a beautiful picture. (It almost brings it) back to life.

AG: …or some things that were almost too dark to see and treat can now be intensified by means, like the one of Kerouac and Burroughs in a knife fight, (mockingly, you know, playful,  on my couch). It was in obscurity. There is a way of using mercury to intensify a dim negative.

GC: I love this picture. I mean, with the cat. It’s almost like he’s brought back to life, It’s interesting when you see a thing like that. Ok…

to be continued

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