Ginsberg-Corso continuing (& concluding) – 15 (Photography – 8)

Michael Portman, Tangier, 1961 – photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University / Allen Ginsberg Estate – caption: Michael Portman, ill-starred English aristocrat, then staying next door room to William Burroughs at Villa Muniria studying Alpha rhythms, stroboscope “Dream Machine” illusions and letters with Burroughs and Brion Gysin. Dorian Gray youth, he died in mid-age, alcohol and other dissipations, Tangier 1961

GC: Now here’s this beautiful terrible young boy, this English aristocrat – he was the epitome of them – Michael Portman

AG:  Portman Square (in London)

GC: Yes, yes, the epitome of it.

AG: And he loved Burroughs so he was interested in…

GC: Ah Burroughs! – Imitate everything! – If Burroughs drank mint tea, he would (back in England, I watched him, back in England). Everything that Bill Burroughs did….

tape ends here in media-res


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