Ginsberg-Corso continuing – 13 (Photography – 6)

Gregory Corso, Paul Bowles, William Burroughs (& crouching – Ian Sommerville & Michael Portman, Tangier, 1961  –  Photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University / Allen Ginsberg Estate

GC: Now who took this? This face of his and all these characters coming from a trip opening the door to the (Hotel el-) Muniria where Burroughs lived, right?

AG: Is that where it was?

GC: Yeah, someone took a picture. See the way he’s looking?

AG: Well it was me that took the picture

GC: Well you took it, maybe..

AG: It’s outside. I think it’s outside on the wall, outside in the garden

GC: The garden, yeah, but you enter the house by the garden, right?  Yeah, he was coming through, look at that, that’s nice, real good

Alan Ansen, Venice, 1957-  Photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University / Allen Ginsberg Estate

GC:  Here’s (Alan Ansen)now he looks so great but it’s strange, man.

AG: Oh, in Venice, no less, but the eye, the eye looking paranoiacally to the right, right into the (camera).

GC: You know why he liked Venice? – there were no cars there. He just could not live with the automobiles. When he moved to Greece, to Athens, before he crossed the street.. (he had to go get his mail, at American Express, right?)  So everybody was standing on the corner,  knowing, every twelve o’clock, he’s passing by. So this is what he does – he waits for the lights to turn red, and then he says says, “Shit on Christ” Shit on Moses..Shit on..”, and runs, dashes off, across the street, to get to the other side. And then stands there and gently walks – “ah!” –  and walks the rest of the way!  But curses that street that he’s got to cross, right?. He didn’t like cars.

AG: Right, with the Grand Canal in this photograph.

GC: Yeah,  the Grand Canal, where (Richard) Wagner did his.. what do you call it?.. great music, and that’s where also he (died at Vendramin Calergi)   The Grand Canale – that’s so nice huh? –   have you (visited there)?

William S Burroughs, Tangier, 1961 –  Photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University / Allen Ginsberg Estate

AG: Now that’s a really interesting picture of Bill at his most suspicious and paranoid at a time when he was taking acid and looking at everybody and saying “Who are you an agent for?

GC: This is Bill not yet known by the world. The world had not known him yet

Allen Ginsberg/Gregory Corso (dual portrait), Paris, 1961 –  Photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University / Allen Ginsberg Estate

GC: This is a weird one, Allen. It’s a nice one tho’

AG: Yes it is.  It’s of you.

GC: Yeah, yeah  that’s a good one. I like it. I wish it would lighten up more.

AG: Oh I can…no, that’ll be lit. That’ll be real bright in the actual… this is a xerox.

GC: It’s 1961. Oh those were the psilocybin days. I was taking the psilocybin

AG: Yeah. (Timothy) Leary had come to visit..

GC: Come to visit, bought the psilocybin.. So the naked pictures, also at the same time. You see the hairstyle, Al?

AG: ’61

GC: Same time.  What time was this?

(standing) William S Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Alan Ansen, Gregory Corso, Ian Sommerville (sitting) Peter Orlovszky, Paul Bowles Tangier, 1961 –  Photo:  Michael Portman (for Allen Ginsberg), courtesy Stanford University / Allen Ginsberg Estate

AG: All ’61.

GC: All ’61  Wow!

AG: This picture was probably taken by Michael..

GC: This picture was used a lot Portman,  yeah (for what.. ’cause Peter (Orlovsky’s in it)  This picture was used in a lot of  books.

AG: Yeah, well its been in People magazine!

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