Ginsberg-Corso continuing – 11 (Photography – 4)

William S Burroughs and Alan Ansen in Tangiers –  Photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University / Allen Ginsberg Estate

Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg in conversation (and regarding Allen’s photographs) continues from here

GC: Now here’s our friend,  Alan Ansen. Alan Ansen was (W.H.) Auden’s secretary

AG: During the ‘Forties. I think he helped type up Age of Anxiety,  and..

GC: … he loves William Burroughs, Look at how Burroughs looks great in that.

AG: Ansen’s getting a big book of poetry out, by the way..

GC: I’m happy for him.

AG: And I hear it’s really good. His life’s work has never been published before and all of a sudden he’s going to turn out to be another rich genius.

GC: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.  Ansen.. That..  He’s very classy, you know.  You know that thing in your book for your birthday?

AG: Yeah

GC: You see, everybody had an accolade for you,

AG: Yeah.

GC: He took it like he had to have some literary discussion. Then,  I split my sides laughing my ass off, because, he was always talking about,  well, this guy writes this way – (and) all it’s supposed to be to be, “Hi Al, Happy 60thYear!” –  Anyway, look, (he’s a) good actor, tho’.

AG: Yeah.  Do you know what they’re doing?

GC: Yeah He’s strangling…er… he’s strangling Ansen?

AG: You know what literary reference that is?

GC: Oh well let me see now. William Burroughs hanging Alan Ansen, take off on Naked Lunch..

AG: “Blue Movie” (the “Blue Movie” episode in Naked Lunch)

GC: The Blue Movie – Of course! – orgasm.

AG: Hanging orgasm.

GC: They do that today, don’t they?  People hang themselves, you know. So these kids they say commit suicide, really aren’t commiting  suicide.  These middle-class kids, they learn to do that, they put crack, they put something under their nose too, amyl-nitrate?

AG: Amyl-nitrate

GC: Amyl-nitrate, right?, so that it holds the blood in the neck, right?  so you have a big orgasm..

AG: So what happens?.. the brain doesn’t get any blood?

GC: The brain doesn’t get any blood, so when you’re coming.. Something weird  – but, oh my god, I would never screw around with my coming, would you?

AG: No. No.

GC: See, I had a dream once, it was scary, that I came and couldn’t stop coming!

AG: Mmmm.

GC: Now that’s beautiful, but it’s scary.

AG: So how did it feel in the dream?

GC:  Beautiful, but weird. I woke up, I was scared.  Couldn’t breathe.  If you come, you don’t stop coming, Allen. I put in the poem, I said.  “I dreamt I came and kept on coming”. So this here Blue Movie’s weird. Supposedly when you..

AG: When the neck snaps, the whole nervous system spasms and you come.

GC: And then you come, right?

AG: That’s the metaphor for involuntary coming, from, actually, from sodomy.

GC: That’s right.

AG: It’s a metaphor for sodomy.

GC: That’s where the mandrake comes from, right?  because the hanging man..

AG: ..drops of seed on the ground..

GC: He drops his seed on the ground. The mandrake root grows under the gallows,  okay..

GC: (That’s)  a good picture, Al.  Hey, they both look so great.  Boy, what handsome people we knew!  We knew handsome people.

to be continued

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