Ginsberg-Corso 1989 continuing – 1

Jack Kerouac – photo by Allen Ginsberg – caption:  “Jack Kerouac wandering along East 7th Street after visiting Burroughs at our pad, passing statue of Congressman Samuel “Sunset” Cox, “The Letter-Carrier’s Friend” in Tompkins Square toward corner of Avenue A, Lower East Side; he’s making a Dostoyevsky mad-face or Russian basso be-bop Om, first walking around the neighborhood, then involved with The Subterraneans, pencils & notebook in wool shirt-pockets, Fall 1953, Manhattan”

Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso in conversation, 1989, (from the Stanford University Ginsberg Archives) we featured here last year. Ah, but there’s more – an additional tape – so, beginning here, the serialization:

AG: Oh well, the tape’s almost over so shall we wind up?
GC: They only gave us two tapes. Isn’t that kind of silly on their part?
AG: Yeah.. I don’t think they’re really used to people really talking
GC: Yeah, because they should, you know, just pick out the best of everything
AG: I think they wanted us to go over the pictures (Allen’s photographs)
GC: Well, go over the pictures
AG: Well, we were just beginning but we ran out of tape, unfortunately
GC: Run out of tape? Well, what about the saint (Jack Kerouac) We got the saint…
AG We got the saint.. Huncke…  Bill and …  Jack.. oh yeah, he was around Tompkins Park.. that’s that.. whoever that guy is, the statue that faces East 7thStreet in Tompkins Park. (Samuel Cox) We were hanging around there. Yeah, that’s..that… you know that statue in the park?  It’s now covered over with trees but it’s still standing there This is by King Tut’s Wah Wah (Hut)  (sic)
GC: Samuel Cox ? Oh yeah, it’s right at the end of the street
AG Yeah, by King Tut’s Wah… on the corner..[tape breaks momentarily and then picks up for the rest of the tape with a loud overlay of orchestra music. Allen and Gregory deciphered speaking over it]

to be continued

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