Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 448

Nicanor Parra and Allen Ginsberg at the St Mark’s Poetry Project, New York City, 1987 – photograph by Vivian Selbo

Paul Cézanne  (1839-1906) (c. 1861)

Paul Cézanne – Self Portrait (c.1878-80)

Sunday January 19 was the anniversary of the painter Paul Cézannes birthday. David S Willis’ Beatdom celebrated with the re-publication of Connor McDonald’s essay, “Virgules/After Cézanne”.  “Le petite sensation”, the influence of Cézanne on “Howl” (Allen, it should be pointed out, was a student of the great Cezanne scholar, Meyer Schapiro) – this is a topic that we on the Allen Ginsberg Project have previously examined – see here and here.

Also this past weekend, in Mexico City, the second manifestation of the Jack Kerouac Poetry Festival. Among the performers Rocío CerónMarcos de la Fuente, Samir Delgado.. and many others

Today (Friday) marks the anniversary of the death (two years ago now) of the great Chilean poet, Nicanor Parra – at 102!  Check out our centennial posting on Allen’s friend, the never-to-be-forgotten “anti-poet” – here    See also here

Beat scholarship, Beat studies – A Robert Lee, (Bob Lee), venerable Beat scholar, editor of The Routledge Handbook of International Beat Literature, author of Modern American Counter Writing – Beats, Outriders, Ethnics, (alongside numerous other writings), has a new book out The Beats – Authorships, Legacies.   Our good friend Simon Warner reviews the book here.


Jonas Mekas (1922-2019)

I Seem To Live, Jonas Mekas‘ second volume of his autobiography, covering 1953-64 (the first, I Had Nowhere To Go, covered 1944-53), has just come out – 800 plus pages!  There’ll be a publication party tomorrow at Anthology Film Archives in New York, alongside a showing of a newly-restored print of his (1961) first and only feature, Guns of The Trees, featuring, (not on the screen but on the soundtrack), a memorable contribution by Allen)

“I gave my love a cherry that had no stone…”

Bob Kaufman’s Collected Poems will be celebrated this weekend in San Francisco, at the wonderful Bird and Beckett bookstore, with a stellar cast of readers. For more on that – see here

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