Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 442

Todd Aydelottes marathon Ginsberg “ultra-run” that we mentioned here last week? – 90+ miles, linking up a number of classic Ginsberg sites.   Here are more details of the trajectory of the run (courtesy Google maps!) –  Good luck, Todd! –  (and please don’t miss his utterly absorbing Instagram compliment to it – here – On Monday and Tuesday, he’ll be adding live video, reporting from each of the stops).

“Harvard as Moloch”Aidan Fitzsimons looks at the college (and at the culture) through the perspective of that enduring symbol from Allen’s poem. – Moloch –  (in The Harvard Independent)

Allen’s South American Journals, excerpted in Spanish – see here

Wiliam Burroughs’ Blade Runner is reviewed here , on its appearance in a  brand-new paperback edition

Whitman and disability – thanks to Steve Silberman for pointing us to this illuminating essay

Celine‘s widow (Lucette Destouches), long-outlasting him, dies at 107! – From the obituary notice  in the Washington Post – “Céline is my Proust!” novelist Philip Roth once exclaimed, before adding, “to read him, I have to suspend my Jewish conscience, but I do it because anti-Semitism isn’t at the heart of his books.”

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