Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 438

Deborah Baker‘s appearance earlier this year in Vancouver at the 2019 Indian Summer Festival (reading from her book A Blue Hand, introduced by, and in conversation with, Charlie Smith, editor of the Georgia Straight, and fielding questions from the audience, on the topic, “the Beats in India”) is now available for viewing on You Tube – see here

The Beats In India – see also, for example, here, here and here

Celebrating the birth of the American poet Marianne Moore today (see Marianne Moore’s response to Allen’s Empty Mirror manuscript – here )

Marianne Moore – illustration by David Levine

Ted Berrigan and Allen Ginsberg – illustration: Paul Killebrew

and also the birthday of Ted Berrigan – (he would’ve been 85!) – see Ted Berrigan on the Allen Ginsberg Project  here and  here 

Bard College and the great Robert Kelly have recently begun digitalizing their poetry recordings. Vintage Ted Berrigan from 1982 ( don’t miss it!) – here and here
(also further treasures from Paul Blackburn, Diane di Prima, Timothy Leary (“On Drugs”) – see the full collection – here )

and, while we’re on the subject of Ted Berrigan, check out this1966 radio interview with Michael Silverton (for Poetry of the Avant-Garde on WNYC)


Denmark – Lars Movin’s Allen Ginsberg i Danmark (Allen Ginsberg in Denmark) is finally out. Allen and Peter Orlovsky and Steven Taylor in 1983  – “two years of research and more than 30 interviews boiled down to 350 pages”… “I have tried to find each track they left behind in the form of interviews, meetings, photographs, posters and the like (the book contains more than 80 illustrations, many of which are shown here for the first time)” . On Wednesday (November 20) at Tranquebar in Copenhagen, Movin will be interviewed about the book and about Allen’s special relationship with number-one fan, “Onkel Danny”, Dan Turèll,

Hot news! – next week (this coming week) marks the publication of the next installment of Allen’s journals from the University of Minnesota Press,The South American Journals (January-July 1960), part of a three-volume series, edited by Michael Schumacher. More on that important volume on Monday

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