1989, Ginsberg and Corso – The Conversation Continues – 11

Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso – continuing from – here 

AG: Ok now (Interview magazine), they wanted us to run down some of these projects.

GC: Oh,  let’s run down the projects and put an end to this. I think, you and  I had a good blab, we had a good talk.

AG: Bio – they want some bio.  (The) record, I got a record coming out.

GC: Ok, tell me about it.

AG: You’ve got to ask me something about it.

GC: Ok, I’m going to ask you about it.  What’s this record about that’s coming out Allen?

AG: Ok, it’s the old poetry-jazz revived again.

GC: What am I going to get?, that corny San Francisco poetry?

AG:  It was then but this is different.  What they’re doing now is they’ve got literate musicians so I handed them out.. or they, the guys that ran it…

GC: You’re going to read poetry with a jazz back-up, right?

AG: Yeah.

GC: Great!

AG:  Yeah it’s all done, it’s all finished. It’ll be out in October..

GC: You bring it along, can I hear it?  Be out in October.

AG: .. (on) Great Jones Records, with a  nice cover and everything.

GC: Who’s playing with you?

AG: Ok, so a whole bunch of really interesting musicians that play with Marianne Faithfull and with Tom Waits including Ralph Carney

to be continued

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