1989, Ginsberg and Corso – The Conversation Continues – 9

437 East 12th Street, New York City, Allen Ginsberg’s old apartment building

Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg in conversation continues from here

GC: Oh, speaking of the Living Theater. They’ve got a theater (1987), I (just) found out (in New York City)..

AG: They’ve got a theater down in…

GC:  …in the heat of the Alphabet City (between Avenues A & D, Lower East Side)

AG: Yeah, isn’t that great? It’s a storefront here on 4th Street between…

GC: If they’d only put on a good play. If they’d only put on a good play.

AG: Apparenly, they’ve got something good with this alphabet thing.. I don’t know what it is… Schwerner.. (Armand) Schwerner – The Tablets)

GC:  (Oh, I can’t believe it!) – Armand Schwerner? – Yucky! yuck! . Come on!..  if they’d only get something good. Alright, lets see, what else …

AG: Write them a play.

GC: I could do a play.  Allen, lets see, what else now?  – Speaking of writing a play, you ever think of doing one?

AG: Ah, nah, too much trouble I had the opportunity with Robert Wilson

GC: They say.. they say a poet, you know, is not as sharp as writing a play. I mean to develop characters and all that

AG: Kaddish  I couldn’t work on anymore.  I don’t have the sitzfleisch.

GC; Well look at you in life, you’re a successful man and all that.

AG : Successful?

GC: Do you think it’s inverse snobbery that you would live amongst the bretheren of the poor, suffering bretheren, and not get a nice place where I could visit you now? Lets say you got a place around Central Park South, or something like that? then I can come and visit you..

AG: I have a real neat apartment, it’s real clean, it’s spacious and it\s quiet

GC: It’s all Puerto-Ricans and everything down there, selling crack down there

AG: No, no, no, it’s a building full of poets.

GC: You live in a building full of poets? Oh yeah the worst poets, that boot me (out)..

AG: No, nice poets.

GC: Which ones? Which ones? Don’t tell me that guy Larry Fagin?

AG: John Godfreys upstairs

GC Oh he’s alright. He’s younger..some of the young guys like that

AG  Richard Hell is upstairs.

GC: .. yeah, like Richard Hell, those people..

AG: Michael Scholnick is around

GC:  And what is this other one, gay guy that I like, Rene?

AG: Rene Ricardhe doesn’t live there anymore but he’s a good poet.

Let’s see, who else is in there…

GC: The Hanuman Books, that this guy Raymond Foye, he comes out with these new poets doesn’t he?

AG: Yeah,

GC: That’s good, alright

AG:  A lot of younger poets are here

GC: So they are being represented..

AG: David Trinidad, among others

GC: David Trinidad, right

AG: He’s in my class (at Brooklyn College)

GC:  What happened to our.. Alright, (speaking of your class and that), what happened to those black poets we knew and the Puerto-Rican ones, the New York Puerto-Rican ones?

AG: Oh, they’re great. The black poets we used to know in the ‘Sixties are..

GC:  ..are good, are..

AG: Ishmael Reed

GC: Ishmael Reed

AG: David Henderson

GC: David Henderson

AG: Umm…… who was it out there? –  definitely the prose guys..

GC:  Oh Jeez, I don’t remember, I should know. ..Calvin Hernton

AG:  The Umbra Group have come to be, historically, very important. The guy we were in touch with way back in the past in Chicago is now teaching at..   (Tom Weatherly is a poet who works around.. )  but the guy who we knew in.. who was it we used to correspond with in Chicago?

GC: …A black guy, you’re right.

AG He’s a poet… Clarence Major, is now a major anthologist historian poet teacher

GC: What happened to Jerome Rothenberg?

AG: Jerome Rothenberg is a pillar of power in San Diego State, he was in Binghampton last year in 1988, and is very good actually,  a real scholar

GC: I would like to know really the poet comes along and they’ve really got to be special and unique, don’t you think?


GC: Don’t you think, Al?  that all the poets that have been written about, everybody that really lets their heart bare, you know, the really let bare their heart , their soul, so there can be nobody coming to shock anybody anymore with their words, you know

AG: Only with the brilliance of language

GC: That’s what’s going to win, that’s what’s going to be the guy to come. I think something where he..

AG: Someone who loves the language

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