1989, Ginsberg and Corso – The Conversation Continues – 17

Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg conversation continues from – here 

AG: It (photography) is also part of my whole poetic activity.

GC: There you go. So you got something aside, from doing that. I (don’t) understand why I never jumped in a game like that.  I can draw well, I can paint well.

AG: Well, I have music too…  like, now that I’m gigging. I can do a bunch of gigs now and can do it.

GC:  Yeah, I never went..   I..   How do I get into you guys’ rackets, man?

AG: Well, you wanna sing?  You’ve got a gravel-voice, you can sing.

GC:  Nah, fuck the voice, I can paint  (like a dog)

AG: Painting… Why don’t you get your paintings together and have a show?

GC: That’s what I’m saying.

AG; Did you have a show, when we had that show at Jack Tilton Gallery Poet-Painters Did you have anything there?

GC: No.

AG: Well, you just got to get your materials together.

GC: I know. Allen.

AG: Because you’re a really good painter

GC: Yes I’m…

AG: I have some of your paintings.

GC: But you guys can do it, man, you and Burroughs can get up there, you old farts, man, and sell your paintings and photographs. What about poor Gregory?

AG: You should be.. You should be able to.

GC Ha ha!

AG:  All you’ve got to do…  But you’ve got to be able to get yourself together.

GC: I’ve got to get myself together to do it!

to be continued

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