Ginsberg and Corso – The Conversation Continues – 15

Allen Ginsberg in his kitchen, 1988 – Photograph by Brian Graham

GC: So this book of yours that you’re going to show me, of photographs, the only thing that’s going to be so big and important about it is the pictures themselves of the poets. I love looking at pictures of poets.

AG: Well..

GC: I saw Oscar Wilde when he was three years old. He looked like himself.  He was wearing a dress!

Oscar Wilde, as a child – photo from Robert Hatborough Sherard’s The Real Oscar Wilde, via The Internet Archive

AG: Aha.

GC: A dress!

AG: Right right, right.  A little Lulu bow, something like that, a little ruffled collar and velvet dress?

GC: Yes!  Yes! You got it.  Remember that picture?  I had that picture, man.  Oscar Wilde, three years old, a little chubby girl-dress, right?  in a girl-dress – And see Bosie, when he was wearing a nice white suit, Bosie, yeah?

AG: So, in this summer…

(GC (to Allen) Go ahead..)

AG: .. they’re also showing all the pictures all over – like in Europe, as a travelling show, (in) the next couple of years.

(GC  Right that’s what he’d said)

AG: There’s one in Bremen (Germany) now (or it just came from Bremen, it went to Hamburg – from Hamburg it’ll go to Zurich)

GC:  Well what kind of thing (are) they’re going to show, to sell?

AG  Fifty..  Yeah  – but- its fifty, sixty, photographs,  in the museums..  And already it’s been in Denmark, (Arhus), and then to Eastern Europe, to Warsaw and Krakow.

GC: Alright, now who says that..   I knew they put paintings on a show, now they got photographs on a show,  all photographs.

AG: You know who’s doing it?

GC: Who?

AG: Michael Kohler.  Remember Kohler in Munich?  the..

GC: Not Polaroid?

AG  No, Koller – K-O-H-L-E-R –   who used to.. who  writes, who had  S press, who made (the) little cassettes of poets.

GC: Ah, yeah yeah yeah yeah.

AG: So..  His father was a painter. He’s into the art world and now he is a photograph curator.

GC: Ok

AG:  So having been our host at our poetry, back in the early eighties, now host of the photography.

So anyway that show has been all over and its going on to Zurich and I  don’t know where, and when this book comes out this Fall, I’ll probably have a show. I just had one in Chicago, and there’ll be one in LA, and at the Brent Sikkema Gallery, on Spring Street, here in New York.

to be continued


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