Robert Frank (1924-2019)

Sad sad news to have to report this morning, Allen’s dear friend (and our dear friend) the extraordinary groundbreaking documentary photographer,  (as the New York Times puts it, “one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century”), Robert Frank died yesterday at his home in Inverness, Nova Scotia. He was 94.

Too much to say here and we’re still processing it – but here’s a little portfolio on Robert (and Robert and Allen) via Allen’s camera

[top to bottom:  Robert Frank at home,  NYC June 1986, by Allen Ginsberg;  Allen Ginsberg & Robert Frank, Noho Star Restaurant, NYC August 1986, by Peter Hale; New Smyrna Beach, 1984 by Allen Ginsberg;  Covering his face,  at home, NYC, May 1986; At home photographing Allen, by Peter Orlovsky, January 1984]

Selected obituary notices – The New York Times, the LA Times, The Guardian, the  BBC, ArtNews…  many more to follow..

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Here’s Robert on what he learned from the Beats.   We’ll miss you, we’ll really miss you, Robert.

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