Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 430

We try not to be too lazily local – American or New York-centric – but this one we just couldn’t resist –  goof posters for “Schiti Bank” (sic), part of a pop-up art installation (fake awnings) adorning the legendary Gem Spa in New York on St Mark’s Place (which is currently fighting for its life – for more on that story see hereCan Instagram and Egg Creams Save The Last Punk Rock Bodega”  For more on last weekend’s pop-up intervention see here and here.)

Bill Morgan’s biography of Allen, I Celebrate Myself – The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg,  (the more astute readers amongst you will remember), begins with a scene that takes place in front of the shop.

& here’s a photo of Allen posing outside the place (taken by Village Voice photographer, Harvey Wang)

John Giorno‘s present and William Burroughs‘ one-time residence on the Bowery is featured this month  in Architectural Digest

from Max Burkhalter‘s photo illustrations for the piece

William S. Burroughs’s bedroom in the Bunker, which remains largely untouched in the years since he lived there. Above his bed is a painting of a landscape in Marrakech by artist Brion Gysin. Photo: Max Burkhalter

Burroughs’s hat hangs on the wall above a series of typewriters; the one on the right was used by the writer to pen Cities of the Red Night and half of Place of Dead Roads. The framed wooden work is the first shotgun painting that Burroughs ever made. Photo: Max Burkhalter

Robert Frank‘s classic down-town loft/home/studio space was just up the street (as savvy New Yorkers will recall) – 7 Bleecker.  Here’s Robert sitting outside (a not untypical pose) comfortably, on his chair

Here’s Daniel Fram‘s image of sunflowers left on the door, following his death – same location – (one of any number of floral tributes)

Another nonagenarian passesNanos Valouritis,

the Greek poet, critic, scholar, translator, essayist and novelist, died at the ripe old age of 98 last Friday.

Πάλι (Pali; Anew) his magazine, combined with Allen’s presence there, pretty much introduced Beat culture and Beat writing into Greece in the early ’60’s.

In 1968,  he came to America where he became an esteemed professor of comparative literature and creative writing at San Francisco State University, a position he held for twenty-five years. Following his retirement he returned to Greece.

Nanos is profiled and interviewed in 2018 by Maria Espinosahere

& see/hear him speaking – here  on the topic of “Language and Poetry”

On Monday, this past Monday, we learnt of another death (73, from a sudden stroke), New York downtown jazz-aficionado, beat aficionado, poet, collage-artist, ubiquitous presence,  Steve Dalachinsky

Profiled here in the Jewish Daily Forward,  and here at The Villager.

Read a 2016 interview with him – here and one from 2017 – and a 2018 interview here 

Read his monthly column, that he’d been writing, just up until last month, on a regular basis, for The Brooklyn Rail “Outtakes” – (what an extraordinary compendium of jazz lore!)

WBGO (jazz station) provides an obituary 

And yet another loss this week (enough already!)  John Cohen, legendary musician, photographer,  responsible for some of the most iconic documentary Beat images. You’ll remember this:



Larry Rivers, Jack Kerouac, David Amram, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso (in cap), circa 1959 – photo by John Cohen

not to mention, this:

“Bob Dylan on My Roof, 1962” – photo: John Cohen

Plenty more John Cohen images  here.   (and see here)

From his son, Rufus, (Monday night):  “My father John Cohen passed away this evening at home in his living room. David Amram had stopped by and played him Hoagy Carmichael’s “Georgia on the old out-of-tune piano. John was gone a couple of minutes later. Last week he said, “Thank you everybody for making me who I was”

Here‘s his New York Times obituary

Our current William Blake focus  (we’ve been serializing Allen’s commentary on “America – A Prophecy”) happily coincides with the Tate Gallery William Blake focus, which has resulted in a good many off-shoot William Blake notices,

notably notice of his (Blake’s) influence on music – see John Higgs‘ piece for The Quietus – “Psychedelic Odin – William Blake’s Gift to Musicians”here

Listen in to Verity Sharp’s show on the BBC”s “Late Junction (another spotlight on Blake music) – here

More literary news – an extraordinary discovery! – Milton’s annotated copy of Shakespeare! –  well, is it? – see here and here 

John Milton’s handwriting? -part of the recently-discovered alleged John Milton copy of the works of William Shakespeare

Carolyn Cassady (1923-2013) – photo: Christopher Felver

Carolyn Cassady passed away six years ago on this day. Remembering fondly, Neal‘s partner and the author of  Off The Road,  Carolyn Cassady.

& coming soon (September 28, to be precise), the annual international (global) assertion – 100 Thousand Poets For Change

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