Ginsberg and Corso – 10

Henri Michaux (1899-1984)

Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso in conversation continues from here

AG: Well (Henri) Michaux was interesting, yeah.

GC: Remember .. the picture-taking was intense.. the picture-taking..

AG: Yeah.

GC We were walking down the street, you , me and Peter, right?  Rue Saint Andre des Artes?

AG: Yeah

GC: Rue Saint Andre des Artes?

AH: Yeah

GC: and Michaux was across the street – And I said “Hi Henry” , right?  So he stopped

AG: We had met already and we..

GC: We had met before he and so he knew who we were  –   stopped…andwhat happened?  we..

AG: We were talking about something in front of an old portal on the street and a lady came by and started pointing a camera at us

GC: Oh my god, that’s right

AG: And he thought that we had set something up to be photographed wth him

GC: Oh my god, that’s embarrassing

AG: And I didn’t know what he was.. what was going on with him.

GC: He was upset, right?  he was going like this [GC gesticulates] no, no, no, he was running away

AG: He didn’t want to be photographed (have his photograph) taken.

GC: Yeah

AG: But I don’t think it was just only us.He just doesn’t like his photograph at all, as far as I know

GC: But, still, we didn’t plant that lady there for a photograph.

AG: So, finally, you know, so he began objecting, having in the past been very friendly with us, coming visiting our room, and reading through your book of poems and saying he liked the phrase “mad children of soda caps” (“Enough my eyes made you see phantasmal at night mad children of soda capslaying down their abundant blond verse on the gridiron..” – from “Ode to Coit Tower” from Gasoline)

GC: Soda caps, right.    But was he peeing in the sink?

AG: But when he came in the room, I was taking a pee-pee

GC: Right.. That was the time  when..  [Allen starts coughing]

GC: Yeah cough, Al – I’m going to get this done. I can’t stand somebody dying before me!

AG: I have a cold.

GC: Is it my (sickness) doing it?

AG: It’s  me cough, that’s all.

GC: Oh I don’t think so.

AG: But it’s not contagious.

GC: You remember he (Michaux) gave us (the story of) the death of his wife ?

AG: No, I don’t remember that.

GC: His wife went to beauty parlor and was having her hair curled and they put one of these contraptions on her head and it electrocuted her!

AG: He told us about this?

GC: Yes!

AG: I forgot.

GC: You forgot?

AG: Then what happened?

GC:  Because..  Because that’s why he went into opium. It cooled him off – opium – he was in  great pain. (I was talking about drugs, you know, mescaline’s not the only thing,  because he’s noted for taking mescaline, right? – wrote books on mescaline)

AG:   We would be the first Americans he met with that  had experience with psychedelics…

GC: Aright, let’s give it a do you do it? (pointing to the tape-recorder) I wanna just stop this (the tape)  Stop?

AG : Stop, yeah

GC: Stop, that’s it right.

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