Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 421

Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893-1930)

July 19 (today) we remember as Mayakovsky‘s Birthday! (see – here) –

Vladmir Mayakovsky (and Lili Brik) in Nikandr Turkin’s Zakovannaya filmoi (Shackled by Film) (1918)

See more footage and images of Mayakovsky – here

The Beats and India (and a couple of book recommendations) – For those of you who were not in Vancouver last week and who missed Deborah Baker’s talk (recalling, amongst others, Vancouver-ite, Ashok Fakir Sarkar) – we heard it went well) – there’s always (of course) her 2008 history A Blue Hand  (it garnered a whole slew of positive reviews), a “must-read”.

And more recently, Maitreyee Bhattacharjees The Hungryalists (recounting a chapter and arena not touched on in Baker’s book). It too has been garnering considerable plaudits – most recently – (“an illuminating book”, “an important book” says The Hindustan Times)  – see here.

See also here –  and interviews with the author here, here – and here 

Gerald Fox‘s 2005 tv documentary, “Leaving Home Coming Home – A Portrait of Robert Frank” (which we noted back in 2013 – see here) recently got a new lease of life with a theatrically-released extended version. The New York Times and the LA Times both gave it positive reviews.  Andrea Gronvall in the Chicago Reader gives a less-than-enthusiastic review to the new version

The trailer for the film can be viewed – here

Allen’s poetry will be featured this Saturday in Belgrano, Argentina, at a workshop at the Sixto Multicultural Space (Sixto Espacio Muticultural) – readings by Fabricio Jiminez Osorio and Belen Cianferoni 

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