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Tomorrow, June 22, from 2–4 p.m in Seattle, Hugo House and Western Bridge will present an Allen Ginsberg Poetry Festival and Art Installation. The installation, a photographic installation, will be another manifestation of Geoffrey Farmer‘s “If You Want To See Something, Look At Something Else” (fifty images of Allen carefully selected and scattered around the chosen environment, on this occasion,Volunteer Park). The poetry festival will feature readings (“staged performances of his poetry”) by Dorothea Lasky, Rae Armantrout, Ron Silliman, Andrew Schelling, and others.

Sad to have to report the passing (July 10) of the great maverick documentary filmmaker, Peter Whitehead. We reported on him and his 1965 film of the legendary London Royal Albert Hall First International Poetry Incarnation, Wholly Communion (with notable footage of Allen) – here.
His obituary, recounting a long and extraordinary life, may be read here
(the New York Times obituary – here)

and another sad loss to report (much missed!,  too soon!), Allen Ginsberg Visiting Fellow 2015-2016 at Naropa, and Bay Area fixture, poet, novelist, playwright, critic, scholar,  Kevin Killian   An unprecented outpouring of love for him on Facebook – see here. Obituary notices (they’ll be many more of them) here and here Corley Miller‘s review (in the Los Angeles Review of Books) of his early books can be seen here


[Larry “Ratso” Sloman and Peter Orlovsky]

More sound-bytes from the Martin Scorsese Rolling Thunder film:

Ronee Blakley: The show was originally three hours. Ginsberg, who appeared in the show originally, there was not enough time for him to perorm during the show so his section was cut. He and Peter Orlovsky became the baggage-handlers. We would put our bags outside the door and he would take them every day.

Larry “Ratso” Sloman – You’re a fuckin’ luggage-handler?
Peter Orlovsky: Er..yeah.. and I give massages sometimes..
Larry “Ratso” Sloman:  You’re a poet!
Peter Orlovsky:… and make myself useful around.. on the..  helping Chris (sic) with the newsletter and putting out the newsletter..
Larry “Ratso” Sloman: You do errands?
Peter Orlovsky: Errands, right
Larry “Ratso” Sloman:  I can’t believe this shit!  What kind of tour is this?  You’re a fuckin’ great poet, Peter
Peter Orlovsky: It’s a great tour, learning, practicing banjo, and I’ve been sitting every morning.  Tomorrow morning we’re going to be sitting with Allen…
Larry “Ratso” Sloman: Doing what?-
Peter Orlovsky:  ..For one hour,  every morning, after we wake up…
Larry “Ratso” Sloman: Doing what?
Peter Orlovsky: ..after we wake up, we sit and meditate.

Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg with unidentified meditator

Anne Waldman: “There was this yearning, Allen’s yearning, to either be Bob or have Bob love him more. I remember Bob saying’ “Just go out and sing on the street corners”. So Allen was essentially doing that.”

AG (early in the film): The first concert will take place in Plymouth, where the Pilgrims stepped off their Mayflower.  In a way it’s like we’re pilgrims, pilgrims in the sense of searchers, looking for the kingdom, or the nation, with maybe a different intention, making America a kingdom of poetry, a nation of poetry.

AG (to child at bicentennial tableau): Which would you rather be?  the Pilgrims or the Indians?
Child: Pilgrims.
AG: Why the pilgrims? Why do you wanna be the pilgrims?  Because the Pilgrims all land and they turn into wax dolls and they’re wax dolls for the rest of the universe.
Child: So are the Indians.
AG: Well, yeah, the Indians, that’s true. Well, we’re all wax dolls. So…

Joy Harjo, a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, (it is just announced) is the new U.S. Poet-Laureate, “the first Native American to hold the post”.

Allen Ginsberg, as described by the reviewer for Time magazine (sic) – “a chubby sunbeam, so filled with light he’s got extra to spare”.

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