Merce Cunningham Centennial

Allen Ginsberg, John Cage, Nam June Paik & Merce Cunningham in New York City, December 19, 1983 – Photo: Hank O’Neal
Merce Cunningham (1919-2009)

This year [2019} is the Centennial of the birth of Merce Cunningham. They’ve been all sorts of celebrations already. Today is the actual day, the anniversary of his birth.

See a trailer here for Charles Atlas’ award-winning documentary from 2000 – Merce Cunningham – A Lifetime Of Dance

Here’s another intriguing documentary from nine years previously – Elliott Caplan’s ¬†Cage/Cunningham

Between July 2008 and June 2009, Nancy Dalva interviewed Merce Cunningham nineteen times for the web series, Mondays with Merce.

See the run of them – here.

(and see her gleaning of some his (Merce’s) more gnomic statements – here)

Here’s, (from that series), “The Last Interview”

What was it Emma Goldman famously declared? – “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution”?

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