Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 411

Carl Solomon in his Prince Street apartment several years after residence with me on sixth floor ward, New York State Psychiatric Institute, afterwards working mid-town at his uncle’s Ace Books Publishers, where he edited Wm. S. Burroughs’ Junkie paperback first edition. New York, 1953.(Ginsberg caption) c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Carl Solomons birthday, Carl, the dedicatee of “Howl”. He would have been 91.

Ferlinghetti follow-up – Here are some recordings from the San Francisco Public Library tributeNeeli Cherkovski reads and provides the introductions. Here’s the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Round-Up of the 24th – the 100th-birthday day. Here‘s more from the Chronicle, and here‘s yet more from the Chronicle (seems like the upstairs at City Lights reading was pretty packed!).

Here‘s Nina Sparling at the Paris Review on the North Beach celebrations

Here‘s Tom Vitale‘s NPR’s announcement. Here’s Craig Morgan Teicher (also on NPR, reviewing Little Boy)

Here‘s Robert Pinsky in the New York Times.

Here‘s Bob Krasner in The Villager on New York’s celebration

Here‘s an extended note on Lawrence from Open Culture.

A smattering of Lawrence’s international reputation – Italy, here, here and here, Germany – here and here, Spain – here,  Mexico – here, Argentina – here,  Peru – here, Brazil – here – but.. like we say.. just a smattering.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg (in 1971 in San Francisco, demonstating against the arrests in Brazil of members of the Living Theater)

We posted “Pity The Nation” last week, seems pertinent (ah, sadly so) to be posting, this week, this:

“Trump’s Trojan Horse” – “Homer didn’t live long enough/To tell of Trump’s White House/Which is his Trojan horse/ From which all the president’s men/Burst out to destroy democracy/And install corporations/As absolute rulers of the world/ Ever more powerful than nations/And it’s happening as we sleep/Bow down, oh Common Man/Bow down!”

Beatdom #19 – the long-awaited issue of the Beat magazine will be out next month – For a preview of its table-of-contents – see here

and, speaking of Beatdom, don’t miss its editor, David S Wills‘ long-time-in -the-making recent volume World Citizen – Allen Ginsberg As Traveller. Ferlinghetti has/had the international (global) engagement, Allen, of course, had it too.

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