Bob Rosenthal at Howl Happening

Bob Rosenthal and Allen Ginsberg, New York City, May 1992.  photo: Brian Graham

We’ve sung its praises before – see here – And we are not alone. No lesser an authority than Harvard’s Helen Vendler has called it “indispensible” and the doyenne of Beat scholars, Ann Charters has declared it to be “the best book about Ginsberg ever published”. We’re talking about Bob Rosenthal and his remarkable first-hand memoir (recently published), Straight Around Allen – On The Business of Being Allen Ginsberg.  For those of you in New York City tonight, don’t miss this – Howl Happening Gallery is hosting a book event celebrating the publication of the book, featuring a reading and book-signing by the author and and a brief (but no doubt highly illuminating) interview with our good friend, Emily Claman. Order the book from here if you can’t be there.


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