The Upcoming Martin Scorsese Bob Dylan Film

The announcement this week in Variety of “Rolling Thunder Revue – A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese“, a documentary film, a Neflix original, to be released (well, no definitive announcement yet, but sometime this year, possibly in the Fall) leads us to speculate on, (alongside everything else), potential Allen Ginsberg content. (Allen was, of course, around, on the tour, an enthusiastic participant. See, for example here:

and who can forget the stop-over in Lowell’s’ Edson cemetery to visit Kerouac’s grave?

Allen also appears, you recall, in Scorcese’s earlier documentary No Direction Home – see here 

Netflix’s brief thumbnail description of the new movie runs as follows:  “Rolling Thunder Revue – A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese” captures the troubled spirit of America in 1975 and the joyous music that Dylan performed during the fall of that year. “Part documentary, part concert film, part fever dream, ‘Rolling Thunder’ is a one of a kind experiencefrom master filmmaker Martin Scorsese.”

“Part documentary, part concert film, part fever dream”? –  Variety‘s Chris Willman quotes a source suggesting that “the director may be playing with the form more in this particular film”

We’ll see.    [June 2019 – we saw!]

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