Patti Smith

Patti Smith, poet, 70’s cult pop singer artist, early house-mate of Robt. Mapplethorpe, Rimbaud & Wm. Burroughs devotée, retired 14 years from stage fame to raise two children, till her musician husband passed away. We did Buddhist Jewel Heart Center benefit performance in 4,000 seat Hill Auditorium together, she came from Detroit retirement to Ann Arbor’s Univ. of Michigan. Next day, signed new volume poems Early Work 1970-1979 in bookstore, that night we supped at Gelek Rinpoche’s home, February 17, 1995. (Ginsberg Caption) photo. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Patti Smith‘s birthday today (an annual celebration) – see some of our previous birthday celebrations –   here, herehere, here, here and here

Here’s Patti Smith video from a concert in Dublin this past June

Here’s Patti Smith in Rolling Stone, earlier this month, “On Performing With Her Kids and What William Burroughs Taught Her” (an interview)

When I was quite young, like in 1970, 1971, I was offered a lot of money, first to do a film and then to do a record, but it was someone else’s vision of how they wanted to shape me. I didn’t have any money; I was working in a bookstore. And I sat and talked to William Burroughs about it, and he said, “The best thing as an artist you can do is keep your name clean.” That became my own private mantra.”

“Patti Smith at the Minetta Lane: Words and Music” – Will Hermes’ review in the New York Times last month may be read – here

“…..All of which is to say that whatever “Patti Smith at the Minetta Lane: Words and Music” exactly is — audiobook, live concert recording, podcast, radio theater or combination thereof — the hybrid form feels completely natural to her talents. The recording, which has a bootleg quality to it, assembles pieces from the three-night run into a single seamless show, though showing seams is a big part of her approach.”

Here‘s Ben Brantley in the Times on the original Minetta appearances.

More Patti Smith info here and here

Here’s Patti, some years back, remembering Allen Ginsberg

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