Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 398

Jonah Raskin’s review. in the New York Journal of Books, of Bob Rosenthal’s Straight Around Allen – On The Business of Being Allen Ginsberg leads off this week’s Friday Round-Up.

“The Brits would call Bob Rosenthal an amanuensis. In fact, for decades he worked tirelessly as Allen Ginsberg’s secretary and factotum, opening and sorting his mail, managing his time, and keeping him on track…Straight Around Allen takes readers behind the scenes and reveals the cottage industry that Ginsberg spawned and nurtured…Ginsberg’s madness (“Don’t hide the madness“)  is here, along with his egotism, his generosity, his many physical ailments… There is no other book like this one, though there are dozens of books about Ginsberg. Bob Rosenthal has made a courageous and valuable contribution to the field of Beat studies.”

and for Empty Mirror, Marc Olmsted reviews Beat – The Latter Days of the Beat Generation, A First-Hand Account by Andy Clausen

“Andy spent a lot of time around the aging Beats, which Naropa University certainly helped, and has many astonishing anecdotes that Beat fanboys and scholars alike will go apeshit over. I’m both and I can tell you – if such is of interest, you have to read this book….truly amazing stories! – Nowhere else are you going to read about Ginsberg coming down from a 1978 acid trip and arguing with Gregory Corso, standing up shakily and saying “I’m not afraid of you!” (Allen had dropped to re-evaluate LSD for a psychedelic conference)…the more I read, the more I enjoyed this book. It is, despite shortcomings, all that it claims to be.”

Gregory Corso – photo: Larry Keenan

Last Round-Up of the year. We thought we’d conclude with a look back on a few (just some) of last years’ (Round-Up) highlights:

January – Toronto photography show (‘Fleeting Moments, Floating Worlds, and the Beat Generation), Howl box-set, EBSN papers, Walt Whitman’s Brooklyn home 
February – The Beat Generation in Italy, Jack Kerouac’s paintings
March – Jack Kerouac on Record. The Best Minds of My Generation, and (It’s) Hard To Be A Saint In the City
April – The Poetry Project’s Allen Ginsberg Symposium, The Iron Curtain Journals, The Beat Museum
May – Allen Ginsberg in India, in Morocco, Paul Bowles and William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac’s house in Florida
June – William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg’s FBI files, Bob Dylan and the Beats, A Warning Against Howling (sic)
July – The Ginsberg Family Collection, Louis Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Franz Kline
August – An Introduction to the Beat PoetsLost And Found, footage of the great Bob Kaufman dancing
September – Allen Ginsberg and William Blake The Complete Songs of Innocence and Experience, Allen and Capel-Y-Ffin, mimeo magazines. Gregory Corso 
October – Allen Ginsberg and Andy Warhol, &    Don’t Hide The Madness
NovemberRobert Frank’s Birthday, Gary Snyder, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Bernie Glassman’s passing
December – Beat Generation Women…

Diane Di Prima – photo: Allen Ginsberg

– and of course, this is just a skimming of the surface, there’s a whole host more.

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