William Blake’s Birthday

William Blake by John Flaxman, ca. 1804

There’s been a fair amount of William Blake on The Allen Ginsberg Project in recent months and we make no apologies for it  (there’ll be plenty more on William Blake in the months to come) but today’s a very special day – William Blake’s birthday!

Might we take time off to, (once again), plug this:

Pat Thomas’  loving and expertly presented (re)-release of The Complete Songs of Innocence and Experience. Go buy it if you don’t have it already.

A few previous William-Blake-birthday-registers – here and here,

Plenty more (plenty more!)  Blake on the Allen Ginsberg Project – (take a look)  (including this – an, unlikely perhaps, yoking of two cross-cultural figures – Jean-Michel Basquiat  (sic) and William Blake.

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