Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 390

Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975) – photo: Toti Scialoja

November 2nd – it’s the anniversary of  the assasination of Pier Paolo Pasolini.  To read more about the extraordinary Pasolini and the brutal assassination – see here 

Sunday November 4 at the Naropa Performing Arts Center a performance of the Lee Hyla (Kronos Quartet) setting of Howl by the Playground Ensemble  Here’s a previous performance of the piece at the Leon Gallery in Boulder this past September

Alper Ustuntas in Campus Times (the University of Rochester’s paper) about “What We Can Learn From Ginsberg’s Howl”

” “Howl” teaches us the importance of vision and the rhythm of thought, the ability to express without discriminative filters. With “Howl,” we can find the courage to stand up for ourselves and others trapped by the claws of prejudice and convention. Ginsberg introduced us to a new level of self-acceptance. He gifted us with a timeless and visionary form of creativity.”  –  So true.

Adam Glusker at Columbia University is Allen Ginsberg in “The Other Side”, a “Beat Generation” play,  (as reported in the Columbia Spectator)

“Glusker as Ginsberg was commanding, fluting between lyrical ponderings, romantic confusion, and a suffocating self-assuredness. His lover, Peter, played by Rafael Lippert..was equally entrancing with his naive poetics and soft chemistry with Ginsberg…”

Matthew J Abrams spotlights an unusual moment in Allen’s career – June 1st 1994, the day he stepped onto the pitcher’s mound in Candlestick Park, San Francisco – in Bomb magazine

“Allen Ginsberg throws the first pitch in the Giants game” – photo: Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle

Publication date next week for Allen’s Iron Curtain Journals – the first of a three-volume set from the University of Minnesota – see here. More on this important volume in the coming days

Brazil’s recent election – You might want to take a look at this important document, A Literature Manifesto for Democracy, for Empathy, for Freedom (in Daniel Hahn’s English translation – see here)

America’s upcoming (midterm) elections – (next Tuesday) -“the whole world is watching” – (PEN, incidentally has filed a lawsuit against President Donald J Trump – see here )

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