Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 392

Allen Ginsberg October 16, 1965,  at the Vietnam Day Committe’s march through Oakland – photo: Kit Sagen

Don’t Hide The Madness  – read David S Wills’ “Angry Young Men Become Nice Old Men’,  his review of the Ginsberg-Burroughs book on Beatdomhere

Allen Ginsberg photographer, the UK-based  Far Out magazine. features a deftly-chosen annotated photography portfolio

Stuart Walton in the LA Review of Books on Jack Kerouac’s painting 

Baudelaire’s suicide noteBaudelaire

Lorca as a graphic novel Lorca

Francesco Clemente  in his recent Vulture interview “I still believe in the America I loved as a teenager. I still believe in Emerson, Thoreau, Ginsberg, and all the rebels and mystics”.

Why Do The Powerful Fear Poets?” – Ai Weiwei‘s PEN Artistic Expression  Award speech – can be read (and/or listened to) – here.  (and more from Ai Weiwei – here)

“..Can we, for example, pinpoint when Allen Ginsberg stopped being a beatnik and became a hippie? It is impossible?” – Juliane Fürst, guest curator of the recent exhibition at the Wende Museum, “Socialist Flower Power: Soviet Hippie Culture in a recent interview in the LA Review of Books)  More about that intriguing (sadly-no-longer-on show) exhibit (Russian hippies) and Fürst’s pioneering scholarship – here and here

Today (November 16) is the anniversary of the birth of the great “New York School” poet, Ted Berrigan. For our fond (2013) appreciation – Happy Birthday, Ted! – see here

and tomorrow at City Lights,  a tribute to another New York School luminary – Bill Berkson

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