Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 388

Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, 1979. Photo:  Andy Warhol  (c) The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc/ Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University

Andy Warhol’s photo archive  (consisting of 3,600 contact sheets and 130,000 images -“the most complete collection of the artist’s black-and-white photography ever made available to the public”)  was recently digitized and put on line by Stanford (cf their likewise-remarkable digitalization of the Allen Ginsberg photo archives, with similar professional attention, earlier, last year).  The above snap is taken from the Warhol collection.

And here’s the copy of Mind Breaths that Allen sent Andy.

Don’t Hide The Madness  out this week. We featured some excerpts from the book last week. Here‘s another (longer) excerpt from the Paris Review.

and here (from Jack Remick’s review in the New York Journal of Books) –

“As you read this conversation, it’s important to set aside expectations and to accept the transcript for what it is -a conversation, but  a conversation loaded with details, ideas, analyses, and a profound understanding of a moment in American literary history and the people who lived it.”

“This is a conversation, but it is more than two men on a speed-rap jag. The temptation for the reader is to go beyond the conversation or to read into it what is not there. The rewards, however, are rich if you stay home and listen to what they are saying. Everything they know is poignant and accessible, and they are afraid of nothing.”

“This book, this hours long conversation, gives us a look at Burroughs and Ginsberg in relaxed mode. Under no pressures to perform, without time limits, we see two men opening their minds in ways that are at once deep and gentle, in ways that show their intimate knowledge of one another.”

Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, Lawrence, KS, May 31, 1991. Photo probably snapped by James Grauerholz. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Jed Birmingham’s singularly personal address on Don’t Hide The Madness, written back in July, is, (like all in Reality Studio), also, a must-read.

Birmingham, in that piece, concludes:

“For those of us who missed our chance and for those who were born out of time books like Don’t Hide the Madness prove invaluable. They capture a moment, in this case a pivotal moment for Burroughs, and, maybe, as in my case, a pivotal moment for the reader as well.”

Steven Taylor appeared on WFMU  this past Wednesday-night, talking about Allen and the book on “Real Life with Kimzilla and Emily” (all their shows are archived and the episode with Steven can be listened to, in its entirety, here)

 &, as mentioned last week, next Wednesday, Three Rooms Press will celebrate the book’s publication with a book-launch/celebration-event in the gallery at Le Poisson Rouge in New York (If you can make it there…)

Kembrew McLeod’s look back at Ed Sanders and Fuck You  (from The Downtown Pop Underground)

Gregory Corso “The Romance of Gregory Corso – Cypress, Marble, Moon!” by Josie Holford is a delightful and concise over-view – (don’t miss it)

Chuck Smith in a Q&A remembers Barbara Rubin

Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg – photo: John Cohen

To conclude (and why not?) a little bit of Kerouac – Kerouac zeitgeist

“Jack Kerouac Fans Seek Author’s Timeless Truths at 30th Annual Festival”, Chris Bergeron reviews the recent Lowell Celebrates Kerouac 

and another local Kerouac festival

A “Kerouac festival” in Spain (Galacia)  (shout-outs to Bob Holman)

Jean-Francois Duval, en français, on On The Road 

&. Frank Messina, David Amram, Quincy Troupe, Michael Shannon, and others, will be celebrating Kerouac tonight (Friday night), in New York, at the Cathedral of St John the Divine, at a benefit for the Kerouac Project and the American Poets Corner

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