Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 389

Andy Clausen‘s  Beat –  A First-Hand Account of The Latter Days of The Beat Generation, long-awaited, finally appears from AutonomediaBeat is, according to its jacket-blurb,  “an unfiltered chronicle of the wild escapades of those who made the living poetry that expressed the atomic age and beyond….Clausen’s eyewitness memoirs, stories, anecdotes (and) revelations of the generation that changed poetry, music, literature and ushered in the psychedelic era (are) infused with the underlying premise that Beat is Alive!”

Here, Andy recollecting his friend, Gregory Corso

More on Andy Clausen – here

There’ll be a book-launch in New York for the book at The Bowery Poetry Club this coming Sunday from 3.30 to 5.00, featuring, as well as Andy, Pamela Twining, Danny Shot, Bill Finkelstein, and Eliot Katz

Just opened (and up through to November 21st) at the Lyet Gallery at Pennsylvania’s Elizabethtown College, “Lawrence Ferlinghetti  – An American Cultural Icon” an exhibition, curated by art dealer and collector, George Krevsky, of approximately twenty of Ferlinghetti’s paintings  (“Invariably,” Krevsky declares , “I’ll be at an art fair and have Lawrence’s work on the wall and someone will walk up and say, ‘Ferlinghetti. I didn’t know he was a painter.’?”). “And it drives Lawrence crazy. He’s always tried to keep his two careers separate.”

Ed Sanders gives the annual Charles Olson lecture tomorrow at the Gloucester Writers Center 

“This illustrated lecture, “A Life of Olson, with Glyphs,” will feature a sequence
of projected color Glyphs with text and comments on key points in Charles Olson’s life
and times, including the personal interactions of Olson with Ed Sanders beginning
in 1962 and continuing until Olson’s passing in early 1970. Included will be a
tracing of Olson’s remarkable influence on poetry and writing, lasting into this era
and beyond, plus Sanders’ attempt in 1968 to spur a relationship between Olson and
Janis Joplin, and other incidents in Olson’s epoch-stirring life”

Don’t miss Ed Sanders on Allen Ginsberg – here and here

The Italian “Beats”  (pre ’68)  –  We mentioned Francesco Taberelli‘s film, I Figli dello Stupore – la Beat Generation Italiana a few weeks back. Credit should also be given to Alessandro Manca, the author and initial researcher. More about that book/that film and that occluded phenomenon – (Gianni Milano, Andrea d’Anna, Eros Alesi & others) – in Pangia, (in Italian) – here

Allen Ginsberg and Gianni Milano

Vulture magazine profiles underground legend, Jackie Curtis

Hettie Jones gets profiled by…er.. Fox News

The conservative National Review clasps Kerouac to its bosom

and was that Nenah Cherry in the New York Times in a “Ginsberg is God t-shirt the other week? – Yes it was – so let’s salute her, holding aloft our ($45) “Ginsberg is God” candles!


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