Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 377

[Allen Ginsberg Beacon Theater, New York, 1995 – photo: Michael Stipe]

Focusing this week on Allen Ginsberg-as-photographer, with a series of interviews. Our two-part interview with Raymond Foye here and here (which should on no account be missed) will be followed, next week, (Monday), with an interview with Allen’s sometime printer, Brian Graham.

And , yes, that’s right, that’s the Michael Stipe responsible for the image above.

Here’s another Ginsberg-with-camera photo we dig (from 1992).  The photographer is Bruce Weber

Here’s yet another Ginsberg-with-camera photo  (photographer, this time, Lynn Goldsmith)


Kerouac painting – Following on from the successful exhibit at Museo Maga earlier this year, and now available in English, a stunning new book.

 Jack Kerouac: Beat Painting  features eighty paintings and drawings by Kerouac

We’ve featured several of them before. Here’s another of them:

Academic Beat Studies. Not quite sure how we missed this one – from Ohio State Press – Hip Sublime – Beat Writers and the Classical Tradition

“In this volume, a diverse group of contributors explore for the first time the fascinating tensions and paradoxes that arose from interactions between these avant-garde writers and a literary tradition often seen as conservative and culturally hegemonic. With essays that cover the canonical Beat authors—such as Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and William Burroughs—along with less well-known figures—including Kenneth Rexroth, Ed Sanders, and Diane di Prima—Hip Sublime: Beat Writers and the Classical Tradition brings long overdue attention to the Beat movement’s formative appropriation of the Greek and Latin classics.”

Diane di Prima – Monday is Diane Di Primas eighty-fourth birthday. Max Orsini’s fascinating volume, happily in anticipation,  The Buddhist Beat Poetics of Diane di Prima and Lenore Kandel, just came out this week

and we’re looking forward to this book (coming out early next year)

Zsolt Alapi’s  “Allen Ginsberg Pinched My Ass” is actually a very sweet memoir.



  1. Goldsmith photo was one of a session for Lion for Real album cover. Island Records didn’t use them. xxxMinzer

  2. Michael Stipe said in an interview that as he was taking that photo, Allen simultaneously took a shot of him. Any chance the estate could unearth Allen’s photo of Michael?

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I Found it.. Will post on our instagram since I can’t insert it here. It was backstage at the Dylan / Patti Smith Beacon Theater show, December 1995.

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