Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 379

Ed & Miriam Sanders – Woodstock, NY, April 1993 – photo: Allen Ginsberg

Today Friday August 17,  Ed Sanders‘ 79th birthday.  Is there anyone more maverick, indefatigable? – ““Noli in spiritu combueri” –  Salute! –  Refuse to be burnt out!”

Ed’s been featured many times here on The Allen Ginsberg Project – see, for example,  the two birthday postings here and here, our note on his voluminous archive – here, his notes on Allen here and here, a 1986 Naropa reading – here, a class on “Investigative Poetry” here and here, WNET footage of the ‘Sixties Ed – here

To bring us right up to date don’t miss Jennifer Seaman Cook’s  interview from July – “Still Happening – A Conversation with Ed Sanders” in the Los Angeles Review of Books

and,  highly recommended, Ed’s recent book, on the conspiracy around the assassination of Robert KennedyBroken Glory – The Final Years of Robert F Kennedy

Here’s more choice Ed Sanders. – his exorcism of the White House (from 2017)

and, from back in 2005, footage from the Prague Writers Festival, (what a mellifluous voice he has!), his beautiful heart-felt homage to Allen


Eliot Katz’s The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg is a must-read (in case you haven’t yet got around to reading it). Recently posted on his web-site – “Eight Techniques for Creating Memorable Poems” (an invaluable distillation of Ginsberg teaching lore) –

“Even when Ginsberg was setting aside many of the traditional notions of poetic meter in his own work, it was always clear that he was choosing to utilize some traditional formal tools.. and that he had most of the remaining notions of poetic meter and form in his poetic toolbox for those moments when he wanted to pick them up..”

Allen, the politician and Allen, the teacher


Noting the Blake ceremony from last week. Here’s William Blake’s new gravestone:

and here’s the group gathered around the grave 191 candles – placement of a candle, courtesy our emissary, Roger Clarke


Noted in passing

Burt Brittonold-time book man. Here‘s his obituary.  Here’s Allen’s contribution to his Self-Portrait: Book People Picture Themselves (from 1974)

Boston (latterly New York) poet, critic, and teacher, Bill Corbett passed away August 10th, (75, he’d been battling a debilitating pancreatic cancer)

and kudos to the great great Aretha Franklin

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