Moving A Piano

Every so often, we’ll beg your indulgence with a fragment of transcript that’s pretty incidental, but kind of fun. Here’s Allen, at the very end of his 1980 “Basic Poetics” Naropa lectures (the penultimate one, we’ll be concluding it next week), making arrangements (including arrangements for assistance in moving a piano)

AG: I thought finish maybe with singing one (song)… finish it now.. finish with some song..(since this is the end of the.. (1980 Summer session).. where’s that Blake again?, I forgot..  yeah….. so, from what you’ve got (here) in your book – Oh, we’ve got two things to ask before we do this.  (I’ll just sing five minutes, and then we’ll get out of here)… Charlie Ross (sic) is down at the..
Student (CR): …the annex of Naropa.
AG:  …putting together Bombay Gin.
CR: And we’ll need.. we need help collating, right after this class,  (help) down there…And if anyone can go down… and (they’ll) get a free copy of the magazine when it’s finished…
Also, Allen just..
AG: Yeah, I just bought a piano.
CR: ..bought himself  a piano and we have to move this fucker…
AG: …tomorrow. How big is it?
CR: It’s a big old upright. I hope it fits through your door!
AG:  It won’t. (You might have to) put it on my porch.
CR: We may have to build you a porch!
AG: So, I’ll need some arms to help tomorrow..
CR: Right, right…
AG: What time do you think that’ll be?
CR: It appears to me that it’ll be around four to five o’clock in the evening..
Student:  …to make it up up the steps..
CR: Yeah..
AG: How do you get it into the house?
CR: I’ll need maybe a..
AG: Do we need a truck?
CR: Apparently we don’t.  I can get your number and they can give you a call.
Student: (Maybe need) a car?
CR: Well I’m pretty sure we’ve gone for it, but we could use about four..strong…arms.
AG: Can anybody help?  Anybody that helps, anybody helps can play it once in a while.
CR: Yeah – But between about four o’clock and five o’clock tomorrow afternoon, and it’ll take maybe an hour.
Student: Where?
CR: We’ll meet at Allen’s.. (we need a place to meet, at your place, Allen)..
AG: Yeah
CR: And I’ll be driving, We’ll just drive over there and… pick it up and put it in the truck, and bring it over to Allen’s, and pick it up, and put it inside, and…
AG: Is that pretty sure?  Who can do that. There’ll be enough of us, I think, but could you be dead sure? – Okay? – 1439 Mapleton.
CR:  Also..

AG: (to another Student):  Are you going to be here?  Are you going to be here Monday?
Student: Yes, Monday till about about three o’clock
AG: Pardon me? –  And then are you leaving town or something?
Student:  Yeah. What do you need?
AG: I’ve got to get down to the airport at noon, but where are you going? what’s your..
Student: The airport?
AG: Yeah, but it’s around noon, eleven-ish or so…   Well, I’ll try to ride with you.
Student: I’ll tell you tomorrow, because..   So I’m going to the airport Monday.
AG: So am I.
Student:  Yeah. But I’m not sure approximately when.
AG: Well my plane is around noon. I’ll look it up.
Student: Do you have something…
AG: Lets’ talk about it after.

AG: Any other business?  [Allen then remembers to call in outstanding student papers}
Student (CR) (teaching assistant): Oh yes from Ted (sic) I need a self-evaluation if he’s got it and from M (sic) and S (sic)..  and Laurie Price (sic)
AG: As far as I know, for homework, what’s missing, Marc (sic), do I get a. Marvell’s Garden and Sapphics”, or did you give me “Marvell’s Garden”?
Student (M): No, (I gave you) “Marvell’s Garden”…
AG: I have some papers here. Then, you [to Student] owe me “Marvell’s Garden”,  and  Ted (sic – another student), you owe me a whole bunch if you want credit,  “Sic Vita”, “Marvell’s Garden” and..”heroic couplets?” – and Denise (sic)  owes me, maybe “Marvell’s Garden”.  I actually kept track of all this!  Andy (sic)) owes me “Marvell’s Garden”. Taylor, (sic)  “Sic Vita”, “Marvell’s Garden”,  Dore (sic)  – is she here? – she owes me “Marvell..”, “Sapphics”, and “heroic couplets”…
Incidentally, I won’t be around but could you give the heroic..  copies of the “heroic couplets” to maybe show Alice (Notley). She was interested in knowing how the recipies in the heroic couplet came out. So if you’d be kind enough to put it in.. xerox your own and put it in(to) (Ted) Berrigans box for her …..  Michael (sic)  – “Marvell’s Garden,” heroic couplets, and “Sapphics”, is that right?, Randy (sic) “Marvell’s Garden” –  is that correct? –  Tim? Walker? (sic) – everything!. “Sic Vita”, “Marvell’s Garden”….    Peter Livingston? – who’s that?
Student:  He’s not in class…
AG” Then Leslie (sic) owes me..  did we do “Come Live With Me and Be My Love?”  Other than that, I guess everything is…  Ted (sic) owes me “Tetrameter”. (on mortality).
Well the thing is I’m supposed to make up my marks tomorrow, because I’m leaving this Monday, so I don’t know how we’re going to do this, but if you’ve got anything, can you give it to me now, or tomorrow morning, otherwise, should I give you “Incompletes?”, or what? what should I do?  I don’t know how to deal with all this. If I had the paperwork I could do it, but…Presumably you want credits because you can use them?
Student: I’m non-credit but I’ve done three poems, but….
AG (to Student): Oh, you’re non-credit? –  That’s right, that’s right.
Student: I’ve done the poems but I didn’t want to give them to you.
AG: Oh, okay. You’re not credit anymore
I don’t know what to do. What shall I do? Has anybody got any real need for an immediate grade or not…?  I can do them later if you’ve not got your stuff ready. Does anybody need a grade that can’t get a grade yet because they haven’t done the work?  – Anybody need a grade for some practical business worldly reason? – because, if not, I’ll just mark “Incomplete” until I get that – okay? – I need at least five.. if there’s five assignments, I need at least three to judge – okay? – Well, we don’t have much time…

[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately seventy-seven-and-three-quarter minutes in and concluding at approximately eighty-three-and-a-half minutes in]

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