Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 369

 “The Lost Ferlinghetti Tapes” is a mini-documentary by Paul Iorio that presents audio excerpts from an exclusive interview he conducted with Lawrence Ferlinghetti in 2000 — inter-spliced with segments about Ferlinghetti, City Lights, the Beats, Allen Ginsberg, “Howl” and the “Howl” trial.

And the big news (announced in the New York Times this week) –  the upcoming publication of Little Boy, ninety-nine-year-old Ferlinghetti’s surprising new novel (due out from Doubleday next year, to coincide with the occasion of his one-hundreth birthday) – ““It’s not a memoir, it’s an imaginary me,”, Ferlinghetti is quoted as declaring – ““It’s an experimental novel, let’s put it that way..It’s the kind of book that I’ve been writing all my life.”

Allen’s birthday last week (seven years younger than Lawrence, he would’ve been ninety-two). On the occasion of his birthday, the New Yorker (courtesy editor David Remnick) featured a delightful little smorgasbord of articles on “the Beat Generation” – see here 

Book launch and reading tonight at Printed Matter in New York for Rene Ricard, 1979-1980, Ricard’s first poetry collection, in a bilingual French-English edition, translated by Manon Lutanie and Rachel Valinsky, and Éditions Lutanie, Paris. The evening will feature readings from the book by Rijard Bergeron, Raymond Foye, Shiv Kotecha, Matt Longabucco, Eileen Myles Coco Fitterman and Joseph Henry. A short film screening will follow after the readings.

Beginning next week (June 10) the Jack Kerouac School Summer Writing Program – Lyric Intelligence and Embodied Criticality – For more information – see here 

Speaking of Naropa and Trungpa Rinpoche, noting the passing (June 4) of his old friend, the Buddhist teacher, (All Joyful Moon), Kunga Dawa

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