Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 370

Issa (1763-1828) – Portrait by Muramatsu Shunpo (1772-1858) (Issa Memorial Hall, Shinano, Nagano, Japan

It’s the anniversary today (born 1763) of the birth of the great Japanese haiku poet, Issa

Nanao Sakakai –  “Inch By Inch” – translations of Issa – “Katatsumuri Sort-soronobore Fujinoyama” (“Inch by inch -/Little snail/Creep up and up Mt.Fuji”)

For more of Allen-on-haiku – see here and here  and here

For Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche‘s  informative insights on haiku – see here

For Allen’s Mostly Sitting Haiku – see here

For some of  Jack Kerouac‘s haiku – see here 

Happy Birthday Issa!

Beat Attitude, Annalisa Marí Pegrum and Sébastien Gavigne’s bilingual anthology of women Beat Generation writers, first published in Spain in 2015. has been reprinted in a French edition by Editions Bruno Doucey. For more information – see here

Allen in Norwegian?  –  twenty-six years on from the publication of Olav Angell and Jón Sveinbjørn Jónsson’s I hjertet av malstrømmen, Allen, Geir Vasted argues, (in an article no longer on line) continues to be pertinent and relevant.

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