Wichita Vortex Sutra (Automobile Poesy to Nebraska, 1967)

Allen’s great impressionistic diary poem, “Wichita Vortex Sutra(later included in the 1968 City Lights volume,  Planet News)  can be heard here (2018 update – originally on You Tube but no longer in an early version, (here titled  “Automobile Poesy to Nebraska”), recorded the year previous, at a benefit reading in Manhattan for the New York Workshop in Nonviolence, alongside contributions from fellow poets and anti-Vietnam War activists, Peter Orlovsky, Ed Sanders, Paul Blackburn, David Antin, Armand Schwerner,  Jackson MacLow,  and more,  and released on the now long out-of-print Broadside album, Poems for Peace< "Turn Right, Next Corner/ The Biggest Little Town in Kansas/ Macpherson/Red sun setting flat plains west streaked/with gauzy veils, chimney mist spread/around christmas-tree bulbed refineries…”….”There’s a nice white door over there/ for me O dear!/ on Zero Street”

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