Bobbie-Louise Hawkins (1930-2018)

Still saddened by the news of the death of the wonderful prose writer and long-time Naropa teacher, Bobbie-Louise Hawkins.  Previous postings on Bobbie on the Allen Ginsberg Project can be found here and here.  We miss you, Bobbie, your warm and wise insights, that wonderful Texan drawl!   We miss you!

Anselm Hollo, Tom Raworth, Bobbie-Louise Hawkins, Jenny Dorn – photograph Jane Dalrymple-Hollo

Anselm Hollo, Anne Waldman, Bobbie-Louise Hawkins, Jack Collom – photograph Jane Dalrymple-Hollo

Joanne Kyger, Allen Ginsberg, Bobbie-Louise Hawkins, Peter Orlovsky, Michael McClure and Diane Wakowski, at a poetry festival, Bisbee, Arizona, August 1980 – courtesy of the Allen Ginsberg Collection, Stanford University


  1. Bobbie, dear Bobbie, she helped me by doing covers for my first 2 duende magazines and others later. She was an amazing energetic host to so many people of note here in Placitas. In many ways I was closer to her than to Bob. I was thrilled when she told me she was writing poetry. It was great to hear her sing and play the guitar. The conversation was the liveliest on earth, it seemed to me. She gave me collages, introduced me to her mother. Her ideas were endless. She warmly welcomed me and Lenore when we visited her in Bolinas. Her tour with Rosalie Sorrels and Terry Garthwaite included a stay with us and a memorable concert. I only regret I never saw her during years in Boulder. Her reading stories in Albuquerque I was fortunate enough to record. Loving memory and grace to Bobbie always always.

  2. Hi Larry, What a wonderful collection of Bobbie’s stories. I completely missed this when you posted it. Thanks so much for alerting us all!

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