Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 362

Allen Ginsberg, March 1964,  Protest at the Women’s House of Detention, New York City  – Photograph by Benedict J Fernandez

4/20 Cannabis Culture. Time to revisit Allen’s extraordinarily clear-headed (sic) and prescient 1966 Atlantic Monthly essay, “The Great Marijuana Hoax – First Manifesto to End The Bringdown” .

And here’s some fun he had with his 1985 Naropa students – “Marijuana Makes…” – Marijuana makes.. what?

NORML, the pioneering organization, for a long time now, working to reform the marijuana laws can be accessed here 

Allen Ginsberg and Barbara Rubin together at the Albert Monument, outside the Royal Albert Hall, London, May 1965, on the occasion of the First International Poetry Incarnation

Barbara Rubin, the legendary Barbara Rubin. Chuck Smith’s long-time-in-the making documentary, Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground,  is finally completed and will be recieving its world premiere next month  at the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto. Here’s the trailer

We were a little bit snarky about America’s National Poetry Month here on the Allen Ginsberg Project a couple of weeks back, and still feel the same way, but here (just to draw attention to it) is Mary Jo Bang on “Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl, Part III” on the Library of Congress site. She both reads that section of the poem (“Carl Solomon, I’m with you in Rockland…”) and provides a brief commentary on it (“It’s sometimes interesting to look at poetry through the lens of history. In 1955, the year 29-year-old Allen Ginsberg wrote the poem he titled “Howl,” Marian Anderson became the first African American singer to perform with the 71-year-old metropolitan opera company in New York City. That same year, 1955, rock ‘n’ roll debuted in a film called “Blackboard Jungle, an adaptation of a novel by Evan Hunter about inner-city teaching….”)

Nathan Gelgud, who we’ve featured on this site before, celebrates “The Happy Dilettante – One Poetry Lover’s Life In Poetry” 

Art Spiegelman, celebrates one of the primary influences on “Howl” (particularly on the “Moloch” section, Lynd Ward

This past week marked the 75th anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s LSD trip!

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