“A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley”

A “Strange New Cottage in Berkeley” – cottage rented by Allen Ginsberg behind 1624 Milvia, September 1955-August 1956 – photo by Dennis Starleaf

“Strange New Cottage in Berkeley”.  Many thanks to Tom Dazall at  Berkeleyside for a remarkable sleuthing post last week.  See his original post from Quirky Berkeley from last year.

Images and the background to Allen’s wonderful  poem

Allen Ginsberg at 1624 Milvia (on the cottage porch steps and in the backyard)


  1. Thanks to Dennis Starleaf and Tom Dazall for coming up with more information about this fascinating period in Allen’s life, in Kerouac’s, Whalen’s and all the others. In my mind it seems a happier phase in the life of all concerned.

    Kevin Ring (Beat Scene magazine)

  2. Just unblocked the plumbing in my own two room cottage with open lean to bathhouse, this poem came to mind. Peace and love to you Allen wherever you’re residing.

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