International Women’s Day 2018

International Women’s Day today – The Allen Ginsberg Project stands in solidarity with International Women’s Day.

Recognizing Women and the Beats have a.. complicated relationship.

Tonight in LA – the opening of a five-day “Beyond Beat” festival at Beyond Baroque a Women of the Beat Generation” reading, with Eve Brandstein (reading Diane di Prima), Pegarty Long (reading her twin sister, Philomene Long), Phoebe MacAdams (reading Joanne Kyger), Skira Martinez (reading Janine Pommy Vega), Lorraine Perrotta (reading Carolyn Cassady) and Susan Heldfond Saunders (reading Aya Tarlow) 

There’ll also be a presentation by Tate Swindell on San Francisco performance artist, ruth weiss  (as well as, earlier in the evening, a performance by George Herms (with Pegarty Long) and a film and reading – and invocation – by Frank T Rios

More information about subsequent events at the “Beyond Beat” festival may be found – here

“It’s not a generation, it’s a state of mind”

(remembering and recognizing the words of the great Beat revolutionary, Diane di Prima)

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  1. A discussion about women of the Beat Generation has overlooked the significant influence and impact of Naomi Ginsberg.

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