Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 359

Carl Solomon at home in the Bronx, 1991 – Photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries

Today, Friday March 30th. is Howl dedicatee, Carl Solomon‘s birthday. For last year’s Carl Solomon posting (“Remembering Carl Solomon”) – see here)

It’s also the anniversary of Rimbaud‘s lover, the poet, Paul Verlaine‘s birthday.  (For a posting on Verlaine’s “Chanson d’Automne” – see here)

And, while we’re on the subject of anniversaries – Our dear friend Bob Creeley died on this date thirteen years ago. Much missed, thinking of you, Bob.

David S Will’s Beatdom continues to deliver challenging A.G. perspectives. Last week we alerted you to his examination of one of Allen’s Chinese-inspired poems -“The Mystery of Allen Ginsberg’s Reading Bai Juyi” . This week, we’d note his comprehensive note on the relationship between poet and mentor – “Mechanics and Poetics – William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg”  – Beatdom –  always an interesting read.

We failed to mention, end of last year, the publication of  Ode plutonia (Allen’s Plutonian Ode finally making it into Italian translation). This review. last week (from il manifesto) reminded us – (and reminded us of what a consistently capable guardian il Saggiatore is of Allen’s work (Allen’s Italian publisher) )What’s happening to the trees? – Eco-scandal alert for “(September on) Jessore Road”

Zach Leary – on growing up with his father!

Neal Cassadyfirst-hand recall of his fateful last days

David Cope has a new book of New and Selected Poems, just coming out

John Ashbery’s collages just out, this week, in a handsome edition

oh, and The St Marks Poetry Project are scheduling a three-day symposium on Allen and his work, in New York, May 3rd-5th. More details here. More details closer to the event.

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