Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 350

Jerry Aronson‘s definitive documentary DVD,  The Life And Times of Allen Ginsberg, has been noted on this site several times before, but it’s a must-see, must-view, and, on the occasion of a refurbishing of Jerry’s web-site, bears repeating/revisiting.

Archivist, poet, Randy Roark, remembers Allen’s response – “He saw a working copy at one point and, after it was over, said, “So that’s who I am?”

Aronson himself recalls,  “I showed Allen the finished film in 1992 when it was really done, and he had not watched much of it, and I was anxious, waiting for his response. When it was over he said, “So that’s Allen Ginsberg?” And I nervously said, “Well?”.  He responded “OK”,  thank goodness…..A year later I was invited to Thanksgiving at Eugene’ (his brother)’ s house in Long Island with the whole family. They had not seen the film, so Allen had me bring a copy. To them it was a home-movie, and they were laughing and talking about how cute they looked. Allen glanced at me and gave me the OK sign. That’s when I knew it was really finished”.

Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs – Photograph by Hank O”Neal

Upcoming this Fall – from Three Rooms PressWilliam Burroughs in Conversation with Allen Ginsberg – “Don’t Hide The Madness” – transcripts from a week-long’s conversations, in 1992,  in Lawrence, Kansas. Here’s the suitably mesmeric R.Crumb cover.

Sad, sad, the news this week of the passing of the great Nicanor Parra – but at 103! – what a rich and extraordinary life!  His international reputation, indisputable – Here‘s PEN International.  Here‘s Chile’s El Ciudadano. Marcelo Simoneti  notes the Beat connection briefly – here.

More Parra links (but only a smattering! ) – Question Digital in its memorial note quotes a number of his contemporaries,   More memories/testamonials – here,     “Irreverente, controvertido, casi inmortal…” is the EFE Agency line.  Here‘s Irma Gallo’s Apuntes breves sobre Nicanor Parra  (Brief notes about Nicanor Parra)

Nicanor Parra (1914-2018

Violeta Parra (1917-1967) sings “Gracias a la vida”

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