A List of List Poems

AG:  But by this anaphoric rapture, or anaphoric repetition, it {Crashaw’s poem “The Flaming  Heart”] actually builds up to rapture. So this is what Anne Waldman calls a list poem”, actually, an early list poem. I taught a little poetry workshop this weekend and checked out list poems and the samples I used were (the) thirteenth and twenty-eighth chapters of Ecclesiastes (because there is “..or the golden bowl be broken”), and then I read Christopher Smart, I used “Like to the flaming of a star.”,  the little.. – I used that as a list poem (in case you didn’t think of it as such, it is also a list poem, catalog). I used Whitman‘s…an early poem…“Starting from Paumanok”, an early list, a catalog (by the time it comes to Whitman, they’re called “catalogs” (Anne calls them “lists”). Then I used (Ted) Berrigan, a couple of Berrigan’s poems (his imitation of Joe Brainards “I Remember”, his “again” poem – “we will not go back there and read that again” – [editorial note – “Ann Arbor Song”] – I don’t know if you know that. from his new book – [editorial note – “Ann Arbor Song was first published in 1970 in Berrigan’s In The Early Morning Rain, Allen is clearly refering to So Going Around Cities, published that year (1980), Berrigan’s “new book” – the poem includes the witty lines “& I know Allen will follow me round the world/with his terrible singing voice/But it will never make us laugh here again”]  
– “And then..” – I’ve forgotten..he has another one at the end that was really funny
– and I used this, used this (Richard) Crashaw.
[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at thirty-four-and-a-quarter minutes in  and concluding approximately thirty-five-and-three-quarter minutes in]

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