Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 341

Several more images from the upcoming show of Jack Kerouac’s art at the Maga Museum in Gallarante, Italy, have been made available – here – on the Ansa web-site.

Jack Kerouac. Beat Painting’,  curated by Sandrina Bandera, Alessandro Castiglioni and Emma Zanella, is set to open December 3rd, and also includes photographs by Robert Frank and Ettore Sottsass, a project by Peter Greenaway and the video of the classic 1966 tv interview with translator Fernanda Pivano.

Did we mention? (yes, we did, it was his birthday yesterday) a new book, a biography, on the legendary Robert Frank has just come out, American Witness – The Art and Life of Robert Frank.

Here’s Jonah Raskin’s review in the New York Journal of Books –

Here‘s Alex Belth’s review in Esquire

Here‘s another positive note from Kirkus Review

Here (cinematography by Frank) is the eternally-wonderful Pull My Daisy: 

& our good friend Pat Thomas (editor/curator of both The Last Word on First Blues and The Complete Songs of Innocence and Experience  (Allen’s tuning of Blake)) has a new book out (we’ve also briefly mentioned it before) –  Did It! – From Yippie to Yuppie – An American Revolutionary!,  Read more about that here, in Andrew Gilbert’s illuminating piece on Berkleyside

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