David Amram’s Birthday

David Amram performing “Waltz After the Fall” via jackshalom

David Amram celebrates his 87th birthday November 17.  (2017) – [and celebrated his 90th birthday – here]

Recipient of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from Kansas City’s Folk Alliance International.

Written and narrated by Scott Alarik, here‘s the video made specially for that occasion

and here‘s Nick Foster of Boulder, Colorado’s eTown interviewing David (from a couple of years back)

Here’s another interview  (from March of last year)

Here’s David from back in 2011, performing and talking about Kerouac

Offbeat -Collaborating With Kerouac, his memoir, was first published in 2002

His earlier memoir, Vibrations  The Adventures and Musical Times of David Amram (now in a new edition with an introduction by Douglas Brinkley) is also well worth seeking out.

Here’s David talking about the legendary Pull My Daisy

Here’s David collaborating with Lawrence Ferlinghetti

David Amram on Discogs

David Amram on The Allen Ginsberg Project   (a performance, in 1994, at Naropa)

Here’s the trailer for Lawrence Kramen‘s delightful 2011 documentary,  David Amram – The First 80 Years

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