Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 337

Herbert Huncke and Louis Cartwright, at Indian restaurant banquet for Hanuman Press, November, 1989 Photograph by Allen Ginsberg, (c) The Estate of Allen Ginsberg

This coming Wednesday, next Wednesday, October 18th, at The Beat Museum,  “Huncke and Louis” – A Film Screening with Laki Vazakas, a rare chance to see Vazakas’ tender and intimate documentary on the legendary Herbert Huncke  and his longtime friend and companion Louis Cartwright.  Tate Swindell will be on hand, joining Laki in a discussion of the film, after the event, and meditating on Huncke’s remarkable life and work.

Kerouac Celebrations last weekend in LowellDavid Amram – ““Jack told me once, ‘I want people to feel like I’m speaking to them. His words are like the paintings in the Lascaux caves – timeless.” – see here for Chris Bergeron’s review

David Amram with UNH student Jordyn Haime at Lowell Celebrates Kerouac last weekend. Photograph by Chris Bergeron

Speaking of Kerouac, don’t miss Ted Byrne’s interview with Jean-Christophe Cloutier in the current Capilano Review. More on the Kerouac French Connection – here

Lenny Bruce’s birthday today. Lenny Bruce is also “timeless”.

Lenny Bruce in 1960. File photo

& sad news – learning the news (last week) of the death of Whitman-scholar, gay activist. and Boston poet, Charley Shively,

Here he is with John Wieners, whose Behind The State Capitol: Or Cincinnati Pike, he published in 1975 out of The Good Gay Poets Press.

John Wieners and Charles Shively on the cover of  Fag Rag, 1987, left, and with John Wieners at Allen Ginsberg’s kitchen table, New York City, March, 1995. Photo: Allen Ginsberg

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